October 15, 1978: a small group gather for worship service at Riverside School with Rev. Lawrence Carlson serving as pastor.

January 14, 1979: the expanding worship moves to Longfellow School. 

August 23, 1981: The increasingly growing congregation breaks ground for a new building on Townline Road.

April 4, 1982: This year's Palm Sunday saw the first services held in the new facilities.

March 22, 1981: Rev. Stephen Wipperman is installed as pastor.

January 19, 1989: Rev. Leonard Erdman becomes Pastoral Assistant.

March 1, 1993: Little Lambs Day Care is opened.

July 11, 1993: Dian Schlichtmann is installed as Minister of Music and Education.

April 6, 1996: Still growing ground-breaking for the current sanctuary takes place. 

October 26, 1997: The first worship services in the new sanctuary are held.

November 3, 2002: After 21 years as pastor of CLC Rev. Stephen Wipperman accepts a call to the Northern Minnesota District. 

November 23, 2003: Rev. Patrick McKenzie is installed as pastor. 

January 28, 2007: Rev. Patrick McKenzie accepts a call to North Tonawanda New York. 

July 6, 2008: Dian Schlichtmann accepts a call to Immanuel Lutheran School in Wisconsin Rapids.

July 27, 2008: Rev. David Wetmore is installed as Senior Pastor.

Through His Holy Spirit we pray that the future holds more blessings as we His servants continue Growing in Faith.